When you go on vacation, there’s nothing like living in the lap of luxury in one of the finest hotels in the city you choose to visit. But how about living in a great hotel which also offers some fantastic history lessons? That’s what the case would be if any of the manors we’ve mentioned below would get converted into hotels:

Bodrhyddan Hall, North Wales

This hall is exactly how it was built back in the 17th century. There are some surviving parts which suggest the building has been around since the 15th century. The hall has been owned by the Conwy family for over 500 years now. During the 1600s, the family decided to expand the building so that they could transform it into a country manor. It was then redesigned in 1874, by William Eden Nestfield. The front was renovated and the driveway was lengthened. There was also an additional wing which was added. The gardens were also recreated by the architect’s father, William Andrews Nesfield.

There’s an extensive collection of Bodrhyddan including armour, paintings, and even a mummy from Egypt which is more than 3,000 years old.

Castle Howard, Yorkshire

The construction of this castle was started in 1699, by the 3rd Early of Carlisle. But this work couldn’t be completed for around 100 years. With time, the house’s design changed as the house changed possession between three earls. In the 17th century, the east wing’s construction was done in a Baroque style by John Vanbrugh. The west wing was commissioned by the 4th earl and was built in a palladium style. This helped create an imbalance in the symmetry of the house. There was a fire there in 1940, after which reconstruction began in the 1960s. A lot of the house is reconstructed, but the east wing is still a shell.